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Support Workers

Integrity, Compassion & Qualified

Our experienced team members can assist people with all aspects of daily living, whether it being in the home or out in the community.

Ideally, we like to partner you with the same team member for all your assistance needs. By continually dealing with the same person, you both get to know each other better and enjoy feeling comfortable in each other’s company. It also helps to keep a track of your support history and make plans around activities to do in the future.

Everyone in our team is committed to recognising the unique needs of each of our clients. We want to work with people to understand the kind of support they require and then help to make it happen. Our team members aim to support you in developing life skills and promoting your ideal level of independence. It’s also important for us that you know it’s ok to ask for help too. 

We strive to provide you with access to the best care possible. For this to happen we want you to have access to rewarding activities.  These activities usually fall into a category of either in-home supports or community access assistance.

In home assistance

Our caring team members don’t just lend a hand, they provide our clients with sincere companionship. Our people will want to get to know you, understand what they can contribute, but also respect which tasks you may want to do for yourself.

It’s also important that together they can help you find a balance between performing necessary household tasks, and making time to do activities that are about having a good time. Some examples of our in-home supports are:

Meal preparation

We understand that mealtime can be daunting, but we are here to help you through the process, keeping you on track with a healthy diet. Our team members will assist in meal preparation while also helping you learn your own skills and grow your confidence around the kitchen.

Household Tasks

It is nice to have your home feeling nice and tidy. We will help to keep your space clean and assist with other tasks like your laundry.

Games Time or Arts & Crafts

It’s important to set aside time for enjoyable activities too. Whether it’s card games, board games, puzzles, arts & crafts or something else, we want to find something that we have fun doing together.

Hygeine & personal care

Our people hope to earn your trust and let you know that you can call on them to support you in matters of personal care should you need it.

Gardening activities

It can be really rewarding doing outdoor activities like gardening, watering your precious plants and keeping your yard beautiful. Lets try to make outside beautiful.

In home respite

Our team recognises that everyone needs some time away to recharge. You can have a break away from your carers and likewise carers can have time away for self care.

Community access assistance

Whether it be shopping trips or joining groups which share your interests, we know there are lots of reasons to get out and about. We want to help you pursue your interests, meet new people, make some friends and engage with your community. Once we’ve found some community-based activities our team member will accompany you on the journey there and remain with you, sharing in the fun.

While there can be obstacles to being out and about in the community, we want to work with you to overcome these obstacles and get to the places you want to go. Whether it’s just a matter of transport or something more complicated, we are committed to doing our best to support you through whatever means necessary and encouraging you to find your place in the community. Some examples of the community activities we can help facilitate are:

Joining Social Groups

It’s always great to meet like-minded people. Often it’s a matter of identifying your interests and then finding ways to connect with others who share them.

Grocery days

We can help you plan out your shopping list, then drive to the shops and enjoy some time out of the house. Then together we’ll trip back home and unpack your purchases. 

Outdoor adventures

We want you to have the option for outdoor activities such as beach walks, fishing, picnics, bingo, gem club, hiking or whatever else is of interest to you. We want to hear about your ideas and then work together to make them happen.

Medical Appointments

Whether it’s helping you make appointments, keeping track of existing bookings or providing transport, our team members can help. Maintaining your health and wellbeing is very important and we want to make sure there’s no oversights.

Theme parks

There are various theme parks in South East Queensland that we can access via a day trip. We suggest planning ahead and making a day of it.

Short term trips (overnight stays)

This option cannot be offered to everyone as it is determined by your NDIS plan. Feel free to ask if such trips are available to you. 

Family connection

As we are a family run company, we are also very focused on keeping families connected. Making sure that your family remains regularly involved means we can arrange visits out to them and enjoy the belonging that family often provides.

How to get started

Get in touch with us either by our intake form on our website, or give us a call.

We’ll then set up a meeting with you and learn about your needs and goals.

We’ll present a a customised service agreement, roster and start date.

What our clients say

have to say how pofessional, friendly , caring and always happy… mick and sherry do have a awesome team which is a true compliment to them for choosing the staff to represent them…. i now consider all the staff more then friends but my family.


I’ve known Shery for 2 years as she assisted me with setting up my Ndis plan and it was done so well we got everything we asked for. She is the go to person for setting up Ndis plan or review of plan as she understands all areas to cover. With my dealings with Shery she has always showed understanding and empathy. Anyone who has here as a support will be enriched in all areas. Plus a lovely happy personality to go with it


we couldn’t have felt more supported than when you came and sat with us upon entering into the world of NDIS. We felt like we were in a mini minor staring at a dirt road full of pot holes until you gave us all the direction we needed. Sitting with us through the tough conversations that we’d spent our life avoiding was priceless and we wouldn’t want to do it without you. you’re the real deal so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything!